Sampling Artist   Performance-Projects


Live multi-channel-sound and audio-visual shows.
Performing as physical, digitally created sounds can become.

RE:CONSTRUCTING audio-visual Highrise-Music.

From it`s beginning as a 10-min soundperformance this piece turns into a full lenght concert piece.
details ...

RE:SAMPLING live beat-performance.

Here I`m making my attandance to my musical background - the drumset - and giving him a twist to the 21st century.


RE:COMPOSING the music of The Beatles.

How would the music of Lennon/McCartney sound like, if they`d had the possibillities of digital music production and sound shaping. For this topic the voice of Christina Jung is the only source-material.

Growing Energy

Performing a biogas-plant at Jossgrund / Spessart.

It`s unique sound quality and behaviour has been explored by the artists Stephan Schmolck, Thadeusz Tischbein and HW.

  Prepared Grand

Out of the box performance - live-sampling only.

Preparing, recording, manipulating and playing the unique grand piano at the lobby of Naxos-Halle/FFM. It´s cage - but not cage.

  Early Machines

Visiting early minimal and classical piano music.

Performed by using the portable OLYMPIA typewriter as sound source.

Panische Stadt

Recording sound while and video briefly after the "ocupy-riots" in Frankfurt/M.

Working them out into a multi-channel live-installation.