"Outlying Islands" by David Greig.

Multi-dimensional stage music and soundscape for the german debut performance at Staatstheater Mainz, June 2006.

with Susanne Feld (violin, sounds)


Staged backstage, behind the fire curtain, the setting offered a moving stage platform to perform on three different levels.

Director Wulf Twiehaus had the idea of music and sounddesign completely done out of theater interior.

While acting, he wanted a live soundscape to be used to illustrate the locations and atmospheres of the play.

Songs were used to create transitions while platform changes.


First, Susanne Feld and Sascha Wild recorded the environment (iron curtain, stage elements, doors, stairs, floors, etc.).

After manipualting these sounds a mixture of wild flying birds, wind, waves was created, played in a multi-channel sound setup.

Associated instruments to the characters complemented the score with musical fragments.


Outro-Song: "leaving the island"